Spontaneous Combustion

CD lim. 300 / special package

10 brandnew tracks with 50 minutes full of extreme harsh noise from Japan / ultra heavy destructive tortured electronic powernoise

LW 037 – SOFA – “Shitloads Of Fuck All”

3” mini CDR lim. 200 / special package

“Adopt this theory and things might get better; they may not!” The debut release from S.O.F.A. is really their paradoxical manifesto. This cell of musicians arose from the fallout of a string of British punk bands. Disillusioned with the direction that punk was taking, they decided to strip back music to raw noise and expression of anger. Putting aside conventional instruments, and using vacuum cleaners, shouts, theremin, synths and industrial samples; S.O.F.A. delivers. This release kicks ass, if you like the funny Whitehouse style!”


The Time Between Eugene And Victoria

CD lim. 300 / special package

new album of these american cult noise artist from San Francisco / 13 merciless harsh electronic noise tracks with a touch of true crime electronics / listen what sounds noise created

LW 041 – ATRAX MORGUE – “Death Machinery II”

3″ CDR lim. 200 / special package (mini-Dvd case)

“Death Machinery II” featuring 2 tracks of agonizing power-electronic sickness. Different from the last Atrax Morgue releases, there is no use of voice here, just analogue synthesizer; neurological and surrealistik attacks. A sense of “end” and emergency is experienced with listening to these recordings. Cold and convulsive sountrack for a mechanical brain.

LW 042 – MASKED DIODE – “Masked Diode”

3″ CDR lim. 200 / special package (mini-Dvd case)

MASKED DIODE is an industrial noise unit in Japan. There are several splendid noise units that are not yet known in Japan. MASKED DIODE Diode is one of some such units.” The first really power-electronic orientated Japanese noise stuff with vocals! Sometimes harsh and with a lot of power, sometimes more ritual!