LW125 Torturing Nurse Closed

CD lim. 100

price 11.00 Euro

Torturing Nurse started on 2004.04.25 till FOREVER!

Analogue harsh noise/pure noise group from Shanghai, China has done over 269 performances in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Republic of China, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Belgium, UK, Spain and Germany. Published on various formats, including limited cdr, cassette, vinyl and cd in more than 469 recordings all over the world!!

Runs the noise label Shasha Records, vinyl noise label 爆音, cassette noise label Life is absurd and organizes noise/free/avant series gigs NOIShanghai, harsh noise/HNW/power electronics/grind noise gigs EarAgainstTheAmp in Shanghai!!!

Their portfolio features Incapacitants, K2, Government Alpha, Astro, Pain Jerk, The Gerogerigegege, GX Jupitter-Larsen, The New Blockaders, Rudolf Eb.er, Dave Phillips, The Rita, Vomir, Sete Star Sept, Zbigniew Karkowski, any many more well known artists in the japanoise, extreme and harsh noise scene!!!!