LW 078 – PROJECT:VOID Enslavement and Death

CD lim. 200 / DVD slimcase packaging

Less a map of hell and more a detailed exploration. Each of the 9 songs describe a different hellish landscape. A sermon from the mount clothed in sulphur, brimstone and ash. Smog and grime make everything loathsome to touch. Vocals lash out like the biting razors of a polar wind. Expunging the black bile from within and reacting against pollutants from without. Through an air thick with flies the vocals spit forth misanthropy, frustration at a humanity still chained to the institutions of government and organised religion. Bells toll out through the mire signalling end or beginning? It matters not the apocalypse is already here. The creator of this orchestra of chaos is Corvus Rex (Fury 161, Black Crow King, N.D.E.) using an array of scathing sounds and punishing textures, this is sound as catharsis and weapon.
Xerxes Bane