LW 047 – DRF (DIE ROTE FORM) „Grass Breaks Concrete“

CDR lim. 200 / special package

Die Rote Form (DRF) was founded in March 1, 2007. Core members are Random Insults and Royce Icon. The sound of DRF is a mix of old school industrial, dark ambient, noise, PE structures, weird (dominating) Random Insults vocals and harsh (aggressive) Royce Icon vocals. Synthesizer lines are often constructed with pitch shifting (thus the sound of sirens frequently found); tracks may contain percussive noise structures, ultra heavy bass lines, clean and distorted sounds, feedback, delay, machines, field recordings and more. All tracks have some sort of order to them and employ multiple layers of sound structures. DRF tracks are made using a variety of tools – from hardware to software. Many sounds are highly processed.
Even though DRF is not associated with any political party or believe, subjects of DRF mostly have a more social and left-wing point of view than usually found in the “typical PE scene”. More at: http://www.skullvomit.com/drf/